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At any one time, there are three players in the front row and three players in the back row. After your team gets the ball back to serve, all players rotate one position in a clockwise manner. Players in the front row are permitted to block, spike on the net, and joust for balls. Back row players cannot attack on the net, although they are permitted to attack as long as they jump from behind the ten-foot line.

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Rotation 1: Many teams put their setter in the right back position to start off a game. This rotation is known as Rotation 1. The front row has all hitters, and the setter is back row. Rotation 2: The setter is in the middle back position in Rotation 2. There are three hitters in the front row. Rotation 3: The setter is in the left back position now. There are still three hitters in the front row, but notice that the libero has gone in for MB1.

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Rotation Types. There are no less than three types of rotations that teams use. They are the 4-2, the 5-1, and the 6-2. The first number denotes the number of hitters on the court and the second number the number of setters. In a 5-1, for example, there are 5 available hitters and 1 setter. The 4-2 is common on lower-level teams where players are still trying to learn the basics of the game.

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If you're a volleyball coach, you undoubtedly have a solid understanding of how rotations work. But the less experienced players on your team or in your club may not, so here's a tutorial from Art of Coaching's Mark Barnard that you may want to share with players who are still fuzzy on the rules .

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Do you only have 1 setter? If you only have one setter, then it's usually best to start the game with the setter on the... Have your best server serve first. It's usually best to have your best server start the game serving. You have to rotate... Match up servers and passers. Another strategy for ...

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Volleyball rotations may look complicated but they actually are pretty clear and simple once understood. If you are on one of the corners (right front, right back, left front, left back), you only have to worry about the people to the side and either in front or behind.

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Volleyball rotation positions Anyone that has played even the most basic game of volleyball knows that each of the six players on the court takes a turn serving. The service order is not random – at the beginning of the game, players line up in a specific position, and they need to maintain that order during the game.

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When the receiving team has gained the right to serve, its players rotate one position clock-wise. In this formation everyone sets, defends and attacks equally and therefore this formation does not utilize player expertise. The player standing on zone 3 in the current rotation is the setter (S - highlighted in blue color).