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Interfering with the Goalkeeper – Ask A Soccer Referee

Keep in mind that experienced goalkeepers generally prefer to perform their own release rather than to have that changed to an indirect free kick so choose your options carefully and step in only when the potential interference is blatant and/or when the players are inexperienced and/or when you have warned the opponent but the opponent interferes anyway (the caution is for unsporting behavior but ignoring an actual warning from you adds an icing of dissent).

Soccer Goalie Rules: Everything a Keeper Needs to Know

The goalkeeper may pick up the ball whenever they want in the penalty box after an opponent last touched it, but they need to be wary when the ball comes back to them from one of their own teammates... If a teammate uses their head or chest to send the ball back, then the keeper is allowed to handle the ball.


USSF answer (June 2, 2008): No player is allowed to interfere with the goalkeeper’s ability to put the ball back into general play. The referee should stop play and restart with an indirect free kick for the goalkeeper’s team from the place where the infringement occurred. (Please remember the special circumstances for restarts after infringements occurring within the goal area.)

48 Important Soccer Rules: A-Z Explained Soccer Blade

Goalkeeper interference is when an opposing player stands deliberately in front of the goalkeeper to block them from playing the ball. If the goalkeeper has hand control (possession) of the ball, an opponent cannot interfere with or challenge the ball.

17 Basic Rules of Soccer

each team must be designated as a goalkeeper. The goalkeeper must wear a different color shirt from his teammates so that everyone can easily distinguish the goalie. The goalie can only use his hands inside the penalty area. LAW 4 - Player’s Equipment Players must wear the same colored jersey or shirts. All youth programs require shin

Soccer Rules For Goalies: Conclusive Guide Soccer Blade

Goalkeepers can leave the box in soccer, they move anywhere on the field. Once a goalie leaves the box they cannot touch the ball with their hands. Youth game – mid penalty. This article will review the written rules for goalies and some insights and tips to assist you in playing the position.


2. If one of the players (whether goalkeeper or a field player) is clearly playing his/her opponent, rather than playing the ball, that is a foul. If the act is aggressive, it is serious misconduct, worth of a sending-off (red card). If it is instead reckless, it is unsporting behavior and must be cautioned (yellow card).

Soccer Goalkeeper Rules to better understand the game.

Soccer goalie rules, enforced by the referee, protect the goalkeeper above every player when the ball gets inside their penalty box, and even more inside the 6 yard box. Although goalkeepers are protected by the referee, one foul by the goalie leads to a penalty kick, with a possible yellow or red card, depending on the offense.