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Soccer, or football, or footy, or “the beautiful game” is the world’s most popular sport. When trying to prove this to a fan of North American sports, a soccer fan’s best weapon is usually global TV audience numbers. The 2014 Super Bowl had an audience of about 160 million viewers worldwide.

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June 19, 2018. Analytics. Micheal Hughes et al discussed in 2012 in their article "Moneyball and soccer - an analysis of the key performance indicators of elite male soccer players by position", how team sports like football offer an ideal scope for analysis thanks to the numerous factors and combinations, from individual to teams, that can be used to identify performance influencers.

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Performance analysis is the process of assessing performance in a sport to develop an understanding of actions that can inform decision-making, optimize performance and support coaches and players in their journey towards optimal results. In many team sports this would consist on tactical assessment, movement analysis, video and statistical databasing and modeling and coach and player data presentations.

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An approach to tactical match analysis and the use of statistics in football. The number of analysts in football has largely grown throughout the last few years. The density of teams performing at a high level has increased due to information transfer through globalisation. As a consequence, clubs need to improve their performances on the pitch on a daily basis and cannot afford to overlook mistakes.

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The needs analysis is the process of determining what qualities are necessary for the athlete, the sport, or a combination of both. Doing an in-depth needs analysis allows the strength and conditioning coach or sports scientist to identify what physical qualities are most important for their athlete to perform well in their sport.

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Match Analysis is a US company with headquarters in Emeryville, California. The company employs 70 staff in their offices and data collection facilities in California and Mexico City, Mexico . The company provides video analysis tools and digital library archiving services supplying performance and physical tracking data to football (soccer ...

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Within Soccer, the use of notational analysis enables coaches to improve aspects of their own team’s play, at both an individual or collective level and also to interpret the actions of any future opposition. Previous literature (Hughes & Franks, 2004) has proposed that notational analysis serves 5 purposes: Analysis of movement

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It means a soccer team is winning three games in a row or on the bounce. On the front foot: When a soccer team is playing well against their opponents, they are on the front foot while their opponents are under pressure or on the back foot. If a team is on the front foot, they are on the momentum to get the winning goal.

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1. A pass into space behind the defence: This type of pass is in the top of the priority list because it can cause the defenders more problems. After the pass, the defenders are not facing the ball anymore, they have to turn around and run towards their goal. There are three ways to execute this type of passing.