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Published on Nov 06, 2021 08:02 PM IST  |  25.6K
Realme’s First Phone with Below-Screen Selfie Camera Revealed in Patent Document
Realme’s First Phone with Below-Screen Selfie Camera Revealed in Patent Document

Realme's first smartphone with a below-screen selfie camera is supposedly revealed in a patent document. There has been a persistent rumour in the industry for some time that Realme is working on its first phone with a camera underneath the display. Realme VP Xu Qi Chase posted an image of a smartphone with no notch or punch hole for the selfie camera on Weibo in September, and he acknowledged in the post's comments that the device will not have a pop-up mechanism, hinting that it will work with beneath-show camera technology.

Last year, ZTE introduced the Axon 20 5G as the world's first under-display camera phone, followed by Samsung and Xiaomi with the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Xiaomi Mix 4, respectively.


A few wireframe diagrams from a recent patent filing by Realme have recently leaked in a new development. These also show a device with no visible area for a selfie camera, implying a selfie camera hidden beneath the display. Of course, there's no certainty that the design seen in these photographs is representative of a future Realme phone. Nonetheless, the camera area has a recognisable appearance. With a trio of cameras on the side and an LED flash.


The Realme phone has a high screen-to-body ratio thanks to the removal of the notch or punch-hole cutout. A curvature can easily be seen on both sides of the phone - display and back - as well as some other elements we may deduce from the sketches. On the top and bottom frames, certain antenna lines are clearly marked out, indicating that it will be built of metal. As a result, this is most likely a high-end model. On the left, there are distinct volume controls, and on the right, there is a thin power button. Because there is no huge fingerprint reader combo, we can expect an under-display reader. Finally, the SIM card tray and a USB Type-C port appear to be located on the device's bottom.

Other Chinese companies such as Honor, Oppo, and Vivo are rumoured to be working on under-display selfie camera technology for smartphones, in addition to Realme.

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