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Updated on Sep 27, 2021 11:29 PM IST  |  101.9K
Bappa arrives at Gokuldham
TMKOC, 17th September 2021, Written Update: Bappa arrives at Gokuldham (Pic Credits: YouTube)

In today's episode, everyone gets ready to welcome Ganpati Bappa at the Gokuldham society. Popatlal says he’s still doubtful about whether or not to get Bappa. He shares his concern about his marriage. Everyone calls out for Bhide. Taarak praises all the ladies. Bhide gets anxious before Lord Ganesh arrives. Everyone tries to calm Bhide. Jethalal claims he also had a dream the night before. He says Bappa told him that Bhide's dream was not real and he would not arrive so they should go and collect the idol. When Bhide asks Jethalal to swear on Ganesh, he admits he lied.

The society members attempt to persuade Bhide that it's all in his head. They get the utensils since there are no drums and move to go and get Bappa. There are thunders, the atmosphere darkens, and it begins to rain. Bhide is still worried. Sodhi contacts his buddy and asks for his help in getting Bappa; he says he would come. However, Sodhi receives a call from a friend informing him that his vehicle's tire has been punctured. Haathi comes up with an idea of booking a cab, but no one's phone has a network. Instead of all society members going to fetch Bappa, Champaklal recommends that only 4-5 people should go.

rummy bank,Madhvi isn't sure if this is a coincidence or Ganesh's message. Bhide declares that we shall only pray from here and that if we have trust in Ganesh, he would lead us in the right direction. Bappa's name is chanted by everybody.

When Ganesh appears in society, everyone is surprised and delighted. In front of Ganesh's idol, they clasp their hands. This, according to Taarak, is a miracle.

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